Impress Potential Customers with a Responsive and Mobile-friendly Website

CreativoMedia offers website development services to small and medium businesses. If you don’t know the role websites play
in your marketing success, chances are yours is not performing the way it should.

Why Move on to Bigger and Better?


The buying process has changed over the years. According to statistics, about 81% of your customers search online before making a big purchase. It sends a pretty clear message: better online presence means better business. As marketers know all too well, behind any good online presence lies an effective website.

A lot of people confuse “effective” with “beautiful.” Say, your website is complete with graphics and brings a visual experience like no other. However, any small business web design expert will tell you the same: the theatrics are all for nothing if no one stays long enough to see it.

Websites serve a far more crucial purpose than being a source for business information. They put your entire brand in a nutshell. Interestingly, you have fewer than 15 seconds to convince your visitors that it’s worth their time.

How do you make those 15 seconds work in your favor? Website optimization. There’s simply no way around it.

That’s where we come in. Our web design and development for small businesses improves your online platform. We put together technical expertise and creative vision to bring your best ideas to life and professionally integrate them into your site design.

We’ll give you more reasons to trust our approach to mobile and responsive web design.

We focus on user experience

User experience (UX) is what sets you apart from the rest. If a visitor finds your site disorganized or hard to navigate, they will move on to the competition. You don’t want that.

Our small business web design team develops sites with your customer in mind. We do everything with a user-centric approach. Our services – from logo design, user-interface design, compliance, usability to front-end development – are built toward one goal: to enhance user experience and enable you to effectively engage with users.


There’s no such thing as a unique website – just the right one

There are currently about a billion active websites, so the chance that yours will be totally different from the rest is a billion to one. How can you stand out from the rest?

Simple: fine tune your website to be the right website.

We don’t focus on uniqueness, but on the three-step process of Attract, Engage, and Convert (AEC), which includes an effective Call-To-Action strategy. The challenge is to go straight to the meat of what customers want: whether it’s to buy, request for a quote, or sign up. We also consider your unique selling point. Trust our team to incorporate your USP in our web design.

When you use our web development services, you won’t just end up with the perfect website; you’ll have the right one.

Move on to something better

Worrying about your website’s performance can be time consuming. Instead of spending hours trying to decipher search engine algorithms on your own, leave the hard work to us.

Recreate your website to rediscover your potential. We’ll be more than happy to hold your hand (and develop your CMS management) throughout the process. Trust our web design and development services to cover all of your needs. That way, you can easily move on to other projects.


Today’s web design goes beyond simply being aesthetically appealing. It prioritizes the user now more than ever.

Search engine optimization (SEO), consideration of user experience, content, usability, and other technical details are just a few crucial elements in web design. To succeed in a competitive marketplace, it is essential that you design with the customer in mind.

That is exactly what Creativo Media does. Our team has a host of effective web design and development services for SMBs. We facilitate the growth of your business through e-commerce solutions focused on responsive designs and creative branding programs.


Responsive Web Design

With a majority of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, creating a mobile-friendly website is not just an option: it is a need. It all starts with responsive web design.

Through responsive web design, your website offers a better user experience whenever, wherever. Users can view your online platform and navigate your website with ease on a laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Site Speed Is a Priority

A fast-loading website is crucial, especially if you want to reach higher search rankings. Our team helps you achieve this with image optimization tools, a content delivery network, and techniques that improve site load times.

Security and Stability

Uptime and security are also important. Outdated WordPress versions or plugins leave your website vulnerable to attack. Our small business web design eases your worries by offering regular plugin updates, SSL certificate installation, and other security services.

Our website maintenance handles all site changes. Our best security practices cover all the bases, so you can focus on improving your business.

Do you need a new website or want to overhaul your current one? You’ve come to the right place. CreativoMedia develops site architectures that are easy to navigate and promotes visitor engagement.


CreativoMedia was born out of one mission – to help brands and consumers rediscover each other in ways that rouse action, build connections, and trigger response. At CreativoMedia, we drive the future of human connectedness. And we have the best technology to get your business there.

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