The Mobile Marketing Landscape: Catering to Shoppers in 2014

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Today’s shoppers have come to rely heavily on their mobile devices throughout the purchasing process. They use them to find and compare products or read online reviews, even when they’re inside the actual store. Some of them have also developed “showrooming” behavior, which involves visiting a physical store just to look at the products before purchasing it elsewhere at a lower price. In an ebook called “Zero Moment of Truth”, Bob Thacker, the former CMO for OfficeMax, says that “Pre-shopping before buying has become a huge, huge part of customer behavior.” Pre-shopping was mostly done for “big-ticket items” like homes, vehicles, or expensive electronics in the past, but people now do it even when shopping for smaller things. “It’s crossed all categories of shopping behavior. It’s just the way people buy today,” Thacker says. Pre-shopping and showrooming behavior is expected to increase throughout 2014. The following tips can help business…

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Four SEO and Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2014

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2013 was an eventful year for SEO and online marketing, and every business needs to be ready for what will be happening in 2014. Here are some of the most important New Year’s Resolutions that will help every business succeed in their digital marketing efforts this year. Focus on Mobile Developments in mobile marketing and technology had a huge impact on 2013, and will continue to influence consumer behavior in 2014. With the development of technology that fully integrates consumers’ mobile, social, and in-store experiences, such as Apple’s iBeacon, mobile optimization and marketing should no longer be an optional component for a brand’s campaign – it should be the top priority. App development, mobile marketing, and responsive design are some of the key things to focus on this coming year. Ditch the Bad SEO Habits Many of the SEO strategies that were effective in previous years will no longer work in…

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Top 10 Mobile Apps of 2013: Facebook is #1, but 5/10 are Google Apps

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Market research firm Nielsen recently released their year-end data, and provided some interesting information on smartphone use and mobile apps. The data revealed a marked increase in smartphone activity and mobile app usage. At the start of 2013, 56% of US mobile phone users owned smartphones. Data gathered from August to October reveals that an average of 65% (or almost two-thirds) of US mobile subscribers are using smartphones. 52% of these subscribers are using Android devices, while 41% are on iOS. Only 3% of these subscribers are on Blackberry devices, while only 2% are on Windows Phones. The study also listed the top 10 mobile apps (for iOS and Android), based on data from January-October 2013: Facebook is the number one app for 2013, with an average of about 103,420,000 unique monthly users. Google apps dominate the list, with Search, Play, Maps, and Gmail in second, third, fifth, and sixth…

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