Complete Search Engine Optimization Services
for Small Businesses

SEO is an investment that could greatly benefit small businesses. CreativoMedia has been helping small businesses across the country grow through our SEO services. It’s time that you benefit from our expertise, too.

Grow Your Business with SEO

Traditional marketing can fall short of your expectations now that everyone is almost always online. Even when people are not sitting in front of desktop or laptop computers, they have smartphones and other gadgets that are often connected to the Internet 24/7. So, it only makes sense that even small business owners invest in a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Through SEO, small business owners can establish brand recognition and promote their products and services online.

You can trust in our organic SEO services for small businesses.

Our SEO Services

We offer SEO campaigns that address various needs.

Organic SEO

Makes your website rank and implements campaigns without geographic limits.

Local SEO

Drives traffic to your website and business establishment by targeting local audiences.

SEO Content

Establishes your site’s authority by publishing accurate, high-quality content.

Link Building

Boosts your site’s Google ranking and provides long-term SEO benefits.

Our SEO services for SMB are tailored for startups and smaller market players. Through optimization, your business gains:

  • Brand recognition
  • A strong online presence
  • A mobile-ready and responsive website
  • Higher online and in-store sales
  • More leads
  • More website traffic
  • Higher search ranking
  • Equal opportunity to compete with bigger companies and competitors

CreativoMedia's Organic SEO Process

People often choose CreativoMedia for our affordable organic SEO services and our experience. But these are not the things that make clients stay with us, it’s the results. Real, sustainable results.

As a professional SEO company, we first analyze your website, from the technical structure and composition to the keywords and the content. Identify major competitors, and work out a strategy that allows you outperform them on search engine results pages. We then do a comprehensive keyword analysis of your market with our sheer mastery of technology and time-tested techniques.

Step 1: Evaluation and Audit

We begin by auditing your website. It gives us a baseline for our campaigns and helps us determine the how much work we need to do to achieve your goals. Our SEO specialists also spend this period understanding everything about your business and your industry. We study your competitors, assess keywords for ranking, and determine your website’s standing in Google search.

Step 2: Campaign Mapping

The insights we gain from the evaluation and audit shape our SEO campaigns. Our specialists map a campaign plan, set timelines, and establish the key performance indicators for each stage of the campaign. Also, by designing SEO campaigns in stages, we stay flexible and capable of changing methods and timelines whenever necessary.

Step 3: On-Page Optimization

All optimization efforts are moot if your website isn’t optimized. While preparations for off-page optimization are underway, we get started with optimizing your website. Our strategies involve display elements and website code. Expect our specialists and seasoned web developers to recommend updates and upgrades to make your website fully SEO-ready.

Step 4: Off-Page Optimization

Off-page SEO encompasses techniques that occur off your domain that help make your website rank. Depending on your site’s current ranking, we may recommend a combination of content marketing, outreach, link building, and social media integration. The point of off-page optimization is to build lasting connections and relationships with other websites. You need this to preserve the rank you earn through our SEO services.

Step 5: Evaluation and Reporting

Our SEO services don’t end with uploading the last blog post on your website or creating a listing at directories with high domain authorities. We monitor your website’s performance for the keywords we ranked you for. We’ll record all results, good or bad, and report back to you throughout the campaign.

CreativoMedia won’t keep you in the dark. We’ve never had any cause in the past to hide our work from clients. We can’t give guarantees, but we always commit to giving 100 percent effort to achieve your campaign’s targets.

CreativoMedia is committed to helping small businesses achieve higher sales and business growth through online marketing. Contact us to learn more about our Organic SEO services.


CreativoMedia was born out of one mission – to help brands and consumers rediscover each other in ways that rouse action, build connections, and trigger response. At CreativoMedia, we drive the future of human connectedness. And we have the best technology to get your business there.

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