Pay per Click Management Services

Bid Management, Platforms and Deck Set-up, Analytics Integration

Increase Traffic & Generate Leads With Google Adwords

Are you reaching enough customers? Let’s rephrase that question. Are you reaching the right customers? A PPC management may get your small business noticed.

If you want to make the most of every cent of your marketing spend, then PPC ads are perfect for you. You only pay when a person clicks on the ad, so you know where your dollars are going. It’s fast, cost-effective, and what every small business needs.

Google AdWords, the most widespread PPC Advertising system today, aims to drive highly targeted traffic words towards your brand and turn this traffic leads.

However, PPC management is a collaborative, ongoing campaign that needs to be in the right hands. It requires strategy, creativity, and an intimate understanding of the rules and guidelines. If you want real results, leave your PPC campaign to the experts. That’s us.


Greater ROAS, better value

We implement a Return on advertising spend (ROAS) analysis in every aspect for our management process so we know which keywords are performing best, which ads lead to the most cost-effective allocation of your budget, and at which time of the day or day of the week they perform best.

Strategy combined with creativity

At CreativoMedia, we’re strategists as much as we’re creative marketers. We work to secure the most prominent position for your sponsored links, and use beautifully-crafted marketing message to maximize your potential for conversion.

Efficiency, every step of the way

As a full-service PPC management team, we cover all the bases of PPC management. This suite of strategies includes keyword analysis, account management, bid management, competitive research, click-through rate management, and more.

Start Getting Clicks

A truly successful PPC campaign doesn’t just produce a huge volume of clicks. It brings in substantial targeted traffic that your SEO can’t provide. Moreover, it takes a team of experts to make it work.

Explore the opportunities with us. We tailor our PPC management services according to your needs and exhaust the value of your marketing dollar.

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CreativoMedia was born out of one mission – to help brands and consumers rediscover each other in ways that rouse action, build connections, and trigger response. At CreativoMedia, we drive the future of human connectedness. And we have the best technology to get your business there.

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