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Things You Need to Know

Here’s the thing: links will continue to matter in online marketing, and link-building will continue to be an indispensable strategy. It’s not rocket science, and definitely not magic. Link-building is a form of art that requires hustle and creativity.

While it’s undoubtedly one of the most challenging areas of SEO, it’s also one of the most critical to your marketing success. Why? Google now uses over 200 ranking signals, and links remain a leading factor for maximizing site visibility.

Earning quality links is a huge part of what we do at CreativoMedia. We bring your business in front of potential customers by gaining authoritative links for your site.

Our approach to link building services for SEO sets us apart from the rest. We apply out-of-the-box brainstorming, in-depth research, and thoughtful customization to all of our services.

Link Building Strategies

We’re dead serious about getting results. We know the rules and we play by them. So, we provide link-building that utilizes persuasion, critical thinking, strategic promotion, human-to-human interaction, and audience research. 

Our backlink creation services begin with a strategy. We analyze the current state of your domain, including the backlink profile and rankings. We also look at existing linkable assets to determine which assets are earning links for your website. After that, we also observe your competitors to see their type of content and what sites earn them links.

Finally, we make recommendations according to the type of content that would work best for your website.

Target Link Acquisition

After the development of your customized link strategy, we find relevant domains to acquire links for your site. Our team identifies linking opportunities through advanced search commands, existing links, and competitors’ backlinks. Once we identify these opportunities, we manually perform the following:

  • Broken link building
  • Search for more resource/ links pages
  • Identify guest contribution opportunities

During the link acquisition process, we send detailed monthly reports regarding your campaign’s progress.

Why Choose us

A Company You Can Trust

Our backlink creation and building service is proven, advanced, and Google penalty-proof. We never implement optimization tactics that could put your traffic, site, or reputation at risk.

Dedication to Quality

Our team builds organic, quality, and natural links while applying the principles of authority, relevancy, and caution. Using the most advanced tools available, we scrutinize every link we secure on your behalf. This presents your products and services to the target market, as well as adheres to the best practices on all search engines.

Earning high-quality and authoritative links goes beyond increasing your site’s ranking on the SERPs. It’s also about gaining quality traffic. We immediately direct traffic that paves multiple lead generation opportunities.


Results: How Long Does It Take?

Link building results vary from one campaign to another. Results depend on the following factors: your current website’s strength, your industry, targeted keywords, and invested time in the project. Average campaigns require 90 days before organic traffic results appear.

Take your backlink strategy up a notch with CreativoMedia. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


CreativoMedia was born out of one mission – to help brands and consumers rediscover each other in ways that rouse action, build connections, and trigger response. At CreativoMedia, we drive the future of human connectedness. And we have the best technology to get your business there.

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